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Friday, February 13, 2015

Tramps On Main Street

He was born a drifter
With the heart of a sad sad song 
And he started running around on Main Street
With another tramp that called it home

Teetot was the tramp who taught him
He could make a dollar shining shoes
And playing his guitar 
Then pretty soon everybody knowed him
You could hear "The Lovesick Blues"
Everywhere from here to far

And he made it all the way to Nashville
Always scared he never really belonged
Like he ought to be hanging out on Main Street 
With the other tramps that called it home

Pretty soon a dollar turned in to hundreds and hundreds in to thousands 
And everybody knew his name
But he was just a poor boy from Alabama, who thought he was supposed to be born
And die the same

But he made it all the way to the top
A king who was scared he didn't really belong
Like he ought to be on Main Street
Hanging out with the other tramps that call it home

When he made it to the opry 
He was the hillbilly king
Making grown folks laugh and cry
With the words he would write and sing

But through the smoke and whiskey
He would drift back in time
Thinking of teetot down on Main Street
The songs they'd play and the shoes they would shine

Then one blessed New Years
The world cried cause he was gone
And he saw teetot down on Main Street
He said "I'm proud of you boy, welcome home"

Teetot stood on Main Street 
He said 
"I'm proud of you Hiram, so proud of you Hank, welcome home"

Monday, February 2, 2015

Breaking Through

I know it ain't easy
I guess it is hard
Staying on with me
The way things are

Even if I could lie
You know what's true
I still want her
But you're breaking through

I swore that I
Would be different this time
So, not one little lie
Even to ease your mind

But if she came around
I wouldn't answer the call
But I ain't up yet
So I'm not free to fall

I can't ask you to stay
Though I want you to
I'm not over her
But babe, you're breaking through

It's happening sure
But it's happening slow
Maybe someday soon
I can let yesterday go

As for right now
That's all I can promise to you
I'm not ready yet
Baby, you're breaking through