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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Memory I Choose

God knows I think about you 
now and then
I can see you laughing 
in the wind

Sometimes I remember 
how I loved you
Sometimes I can't believe 
I ever did
But weren't we laughing
Like two kids

That's the memory 
I will always choose
and I hope that's the thing 
you will never lose

We never really had a chance
I guess we never will again
But I ain't sad as I used to be
And I ain't as sad as I could've been

Because I got to hold you 
For a little while 
I got to take you places 
And make you smile

That's the memory 
I will always choose
And I hope that's the thing 
You will never lose

We saw willie Nelson 
And we saw George jones
We traveled this country
Like the Rolling Stones 

We made love
On the Hank Williams trail
I still ain't forgot 
How you got me in and out of jail

I saw you laughing
In the Georgia pines
And that's your home 
In my mind

That's the memory 
I will always choose 
I hope that's something 
You will never lose

I spent a while
Figuring out where to go
Until I found myself
Down near the Alamo 

I took the long way to Texas
But I'll be alright
I hope you've found love
I hope you hold on tight

I guess I owe you a debt
And some gratitude 
For the hard way you taught me
How to sing the blues

I hope someday
You'll look back in time
And see a softer picture 
In your mind

And remember how
You loved me for a little while
How I moved the earth
Just to make you smile

But yours is your 
Own vision of time
I can't change yours
I can just keep mine

That's the memory 
I will always choose
And I hope that's a thing
You don't ever lose