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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Paved In Sin

I dreamed there is a road out there
That leads somewhere
I ain't never been
But every hill I've been up and down
Every corner I've turned around 
Traveling a highway paved in sin

Like every goodbye story
With every doe eyed girl
As with every morning dreamer 
In the whole wide world

Laying with devils
That haunt me still today
And I keep praying the good lord
Will wash my stains away

When I'm alone
The struggles seem so vain
And these sins still remain 

Alone and unconquered 
As the evening sun hides her gold
Like a long haired young girl
Out there somewhere 
With a storm raging in her soul

I don't know where I'm going
Anymore, I ain't really sure where all I've been
I've been riding a highway
Paved in sin

The days are getting shorter now
The nights seem shorter too
I've been trying different things 
But nothing feels like it's new

Running out of a gas
But I can see the end
The crossroads down by the river
Just before the bend
A complicated life 
set so easy to the tune of a highway 
Paved in sin