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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Peaches and Honey

I've been chasing this world
Not knowing
Where the sunshine is going
When it's going down
I've been chasing these dreams
Not knowing 
Always going around

A cinnamon smile 
On a rainbow 
near a dry western road
A peach tree near the garden of fables
A honey stained kiss
And a dream laid away and stowed

And the cloud sings a song
For the Angel wings she tries on
She flies on

When the picture is flawed to perfection
And no more saints to air moral objections
And his soul grows unfazed in the face of rejection 
And the rising and setting sun find connection

We will know
The cinnamon kiss
That we missed 
Peaches and honey smiles
At the end of a rainbow

And the clouds sing a song
For the wings she tries on
She flies on...